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Light Alloy Technology Support

Due to their favourable properties, such as the light weight and extensive workability options, the light metals aluminium and magnesium are prominent materials used in many applications, such as transportation (automotive, aerospace, rail transport and shipbuilding), machine building, electronics and civil construction. In addition the excellent recyclability of these materials is a valuable contributor in achieving a fundamentally sustainable environment.

With extensive knowledge and industrial experience in light metals processing, HuDay can provide tailor-made support activities to aid organisations in improving their performance regarding light metals product development and associated manufacturing processes. Through these activities HuDay aspires to enhance process efficiency and reduce material losses, leading to a positive contribution towards a sustainable environment.



  • Results-oriented, independent, confidential.
  • Services can be offered through a pre-arranged fixed-costs project contract.
  • Otherwise services can be based on an hourly rate.
  • All activities are based on a custom-made proposal, detailing the activities and the desired outcome.